Streamline Autosport Fabrications...

We make our own custom built items, for our own custom built cars, and we offer them to you, with no compromise. If you wish, you may tag along!


Streamline Autosport gives you the items you need, for the application you need them


Our items are specially crafted and created from the highest quality materials on the market. Every carbon fiber weave has a certificate and every detailing material comes from some of the top european brands. That ensures that you are actually getting, the best item you cold possibly get from the highest quality in that price range.

“My new bumper fits 99% of what an OEM CSL bumper fits like. It is almost perfect”
— Nectarios Broustas - 550hp m3 owner
I love my carbon fenders, thank you so mutch! I get complimented on them on every stoplight.”
— Haider Ahmed - UK M3 Owner
I had an OEM CSL bootlid. It didn’t fit too well, so I sold it. Yours seems to fit as good if not better”
— Derek Walsh - Scottish E46 M3 Owner
I have bought items from Streamline Aero and am very happy with them. “
— Stoyan Manolov

There's a Performance Item Waiting For you: